Rebecca Lepkoff died peacefully on the morning of August 17, 2014.  She had just turned 98 years old

View video interviews with Rebecca along with a montage of her photos produced by Dave Channon

A Portrait of New York by Rebecca Lepkoff

Gathering Grand - Lower Manhattan in the 1930s and 40s

Halfway City - Lower Manhattan in the 1950s

Loisaida - Lower Manhattan in the 1980s

Read about Rebecca Lepkoff in The Villager

Rebecca Lepkoff made photographs of New York City since the late 1930's. She is associated with the Photo League era, and renown for her rare, vintage silver prints. Rebecca is represented by the Howard Greenberg Gallery - 41 E57th St. NY, NY 10022 Call: 212-334-0010 or email:

There are three video programs about the life and works of Rebecca Lepkoff-

"Gathering Grand" NY in the 30's and 40's

"Halfway City" NY in the 50's, and

"Loisaida" NY Lower East side in the 80's

To order a video, contact: Esopus Creek Multimedia

New York City Streets in Photographs - Transportation Alternatives

Professional Women Photographers Celebrate:
Pioneer Women in Photography

Life on the Lower East Side: Photographs by Rebecca Lepkoff, 1937-1950 Purchase in hardcover:

Princeton Architectural Press - Barnes & Noble -

Past and Future
A look at New York City in the year 2030 -- and in the late 1930s, though the photographs of Rebecca Lepkoff. Aired Friday, January 19 at 11PM on WNET Channel 13 in NYC. Web video of program coming soon.

The 40's continue...

Downtown, South St. Wall St. and Midtown Manhattan

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